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高壓泵High-pressure pump

2012-10-23 19:33:26      點擊:
Wuxi Sheng Rui high-pressure pump valve factory for you on the high-pressure pump of the five conventional troubleshooting methods:
 1, pipe leaks or leaks. Mostly due to not tighten the nut. If the leak is not serious, can be applied in the slurry leaks, wet mud or soft soap; If the connector is leaking, can be a wrench to tighten the nut. Serious leak, leak, you must re-disassembly.
 2, the impeller broke. Damage is not significant, can be repaired. Seriously damaged should be replaced or coated carbide. Completely damaged, remove the impeller should be sent to repair shop for repair.
 3, pump shock. May be electrical coupling with the rotor imbalance or bad. Sometimes bearing wear, bending, turning parts of the parts loose, broken, not strong stand pipe can also cause vibration. Shall be adjusted, reinforcement, inspection or replacement.
 4, shaft bent. Mostly due to shock loading, pull the belt too tight, not installed correctly caused. If the bend is not severe, can be corrected manually screw device, but not excessive force to prevent completely broken.
 5, the pump does not absorb water or drainage. Most of this failure is due at the end of the valve stuck, the treatment part of the blockage, suction height is too high or the water pipe leaks, etc. Should be checked one by one, were taken to repair the bottom valve, remove blockage, correct steering and other processing
High-pressure pump=高壓泵